Children’s clothes! Fashionable and practical proposals for the spring!

Spring is a time when everything is awakened to life. The sun makes us energy-distributive and we want to change. And these are certainly needed in our children’s dressing rooms! It’s time to get rid of the heavy jackets, wool caps and dark sets of clothes that have worked in the grey! It is also time to equip children with bigger clothes because probably most of the little ones and the elderly “pulled out” themselves this winter! What children’s clothes will be useful for the spring/summer 2018 season?

Clothing for children – the most important features!

Functionality! At MyBasic, we focus on simplicity. Thanks to timeless cuts – clothes for children, such as baggy trousers, tracksuit blouses or T-shirts – it is possible to combine them into any sets, which individual elements will always correspond with each other. This solution is perfect for everyday use, but also for summer trips. When you put a limited amount of things into your case. On spring trips to the open air or summer trips, they are easy to combine.

This is a priority for children! Toddlers and elders learn the world through experience and the children’s clothes they need to be able to explore any available space without any problems. A kindergarten room, a nearby forest, the city center – everywhere children should feel comfortable and comfortable. There is also the question of safety, and here it is worth paying attention to the materials from which clothing is made (Read more: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – Choose clothes for children that are safe).
Colour! It is with him that a carefree childhood is associated. Children’s clothes in a rich palette of colors allow the elderly to make choices that allow them to express their expression and emotions.

How to compose a child’s wardrobe in the spring?

Much depends on the age of the child. The babies’ garment is governed by its own rules, and the most important thing here is the base, like the children’s body and cobwebs. Fashionable dresses for girls is what small princesses like the most. However, today’s girls need sprouts that are not only nice but also practical. That’s why the real hit is a double-sided dress, which can be quickly scrolled to the other side in case of dirt or if you want to change the outfit color to another one.

The frill dress, on the other hand, will add charm to the little lady both on special occasions and in her everyday life. Older boys love to be active. Sunwear, T-shirts, shorts and hooded sweatshirts are the real musts for such explorers! All children, young and old, also need accessories to protect their heads and the weather-sensitive nape of their necks, if necessary. So it’s worth having a lightweight cap and a chimney in your bag – perfect for the spring. MyBasic double-sided cotton chimney is a comfortable alternative to neck bandages, and a designer cap will be useful for the set, which can also be turned on the other side and its color can be adjusted to the taste of fashionable glass!

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