A dream vacation on one of the most beautiful beaches in South America? It’s the dream of many of us, and if it’s yours too then you can’t miss a visit to San Andrés Islas.

Named as the island with the sea of 7 colors, because the magnificent colors of its waters let you see 7 different shades of blue, which in itself is a spectacle you can not fail to appreciate.

There is no anti-stress therapy more effective than sitting down to see a sea full of life and feeling the wind penetrate your pores, while your ears enjoy the melody generated by the water colliding with the rocks and the beach. Even more so when the sea leaves hints of the most beautiful blue tones that a painting can achieve, as is the case of the sea of the seven colors of San Andrés. It is one of the most beautiful seas in Colombia and can be enjoyed anywhere on the island to the rhythm of Reggae and Rondón.

The good things in life take time, says a sign painted in Reggae colors, red, green and yellow, in a store that offers this music by the sea called Uncle Sam Place. Next door, Captain Montie offers seven cocktails to make the experience even more enjoyable; among the options are Reggae, Piña Colada, Coco Loco, Coco Fresa, Margarita, Cerveza or soda based. To eat, ceviche, to awaken hidden feelings, or so the captain says. Depending on the cocktail, the sea can take on even more or fewer colors, but what is clear is that the atmosphere and the atmosphere that is lived on the island, is unbeatable. Here, the stress that can be brought to the island is immediately relieved. The seven, the magic number of the island, makes everything disappear, increasing the mystique of this number.


Continuing with the number seven and not to lose the habit, the Miss Celia restaurant takes the tourist away from the beach and in turn, from the sea of the seven colors, as if giving a break to such beauty, but to the surprise, is with the Rondón, typical dish of the island and prepared with seven main ingredients, potato, banana, yucca, yam, coconut milk, snails and fish, which reminds us of the sea with its smells and flavors. Here you can also listen to Reggae while enjoying a good and pleasant meal, which can be complemented by an appetizer, bearing in mind that Rondón is not prepared in seven minutes, but in an hour, so you have to wait patiently.

San Andres is a paradise on earth, an island in the north of Colombia, lost in the ocean and that keeps cultural riches of great importance for the country, because the islanders speak a combination of English and Spanish, Creole, and have among their customs, fishing, dancing and among other things, a fascinating and delicious cuisine. However, due to the invasion of hotels that manage the all-inclusive system and the permanent growth of tourists, the customs were lost and it is difficult to find them today. In fact, it is difficult to even for a restaurant located outside these large hotels to survive, since tourists have a whole package of benefits, including food.

Precisely because of this phenomenon, in San Andres, fishing is prohibited, something incredible, being an island surrounded by fish, but due to the lack of control and awareness, fish stocks were running out. For this reason, finding fish and seafood on the island is almost a miracle or at an excessively high price. In spite of everything, there is a place that, although it is very simple and apparently simple, sells the best typical food of the island, for which they have been recognized on different occasions as the best restaurant in the region by renowned specialized magazines such as La Barra and other international media.

The Rondón el is the main dish, consisting of fish meat, snail and pigtail, the secret of the house, which is a kind of snail prepared in a special way and very difficult to get on the island. In this small restaurant, in a wooden house, with a style similar to that of the previous houses, you can order any dish of seafood, exquisitely cooked, accompanied by a perfectly cooked rice and accompanied by banana, yucca, and potato, among others. What is important to keep in mind is that to prepare this dish, it takes about an hour, so it is good to go ahead and take something to whet your appetite.

San Andres can only be reached by plane and any time of the year is good to visit because the average climate is 27 degrees and the rainy season is minimal. A small island but where you can enjoy various activities that will keep you busy but relaxed during your vacation.

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